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Rescue Me


"Rescue Me" is a video about shelter dogs. In a stricter sense, it's a
video about German Shepherd Dogs in shelters.

Over 25% of shelter dogs are purebred, and many others are so-called
"designer" breeds. Most shelter dogs are not "problem" dogs. They are
dumped because they're from an accidental litter, because people move or
no longer have time for them, or because people never bother to do even
the most basic training like housebreaking.

The dogs in this video are REAL shelter dogs. The images are from the
rescue forums on the German Shepherd website, www.germanshepherds.com.
Where the dogs are identified by name in the video, those are the dog's
real (owner or shelter-given) names. Some of the dogs in this video were
rescued and you can see their happy endings at the end of the video.
Some of them were put to sleep.

This video may be freely used and distributed by ANY rescue, or any
person raising awareness to shelter dog s and rescues. However, you may
not alter or cut the video in any way.
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